What the?…

Every once and a while we find something that makes us go Whaaaaaa?  For example, a few years ago a company called bulletproof baby came online.  It featured riot gear and baby’s first gas mask.  But the best thing they featured was the “Bulletproof Baby Stroller.
Here is the video.

Okay stop screaming. It was a viral hoax video and website promoting the move “Shoot em Up”. Still it is a bit alarming, however we came across a video last week that we wish was fake.

Aaahhh crazy baby yoga lady!

Baby Yoga.  If you haven’t seen it yet, the video, which comes out of Russia, shows a woman tossing, twisting and spinning a baby in midair. Although she never loses grip with the baby, it still makes me and everyone who has seen it, scream and run out of the room.
The theory according to the “practitioner is that she is strengthening the babies muscles and that babies thrown around like a bra in a strip club makes them more independent, happier, more advanced children.

Now I don’t buy it. I mean I understand strengthening a babies muscles, but winging them around is a little too much.
Anyhow, what say you?

Here is the link to the video.  I just couldn’t bear to have it on here.  The music was too awful

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