So your first thought is, how the heck do I take this thing apart, but better yet, how do I get it clean! Well for starters make sure that you have the manual close by, it will show you how to properly unassembled and reassemble the harness straps, clips, and buckles. Once you have removed the cover, check the manual for washing instructions, some seats do allow for you to wash it on the delicate cycle with a mild detergent or you could just hand wash it with mild soap and water! Never put the cover in the dryer, hang it to dry! When it comes to the straps there is some very astonishing information that most people don’t realize. Submerging the straps can wash away the fire-retardant chemicals on the harness and even worse, washing with detergents that have harsh chemicals can alter the integrity of the straps and weaken the fibers. The best way to clean the straps is to just use a damp cloth and wipe them down, using a toothbrush and gently scrubbing will also help to get any debris out of the fibers. If you have in the past submerged your straps, please notify the car seat manufacturer and ask them to send you replacement straps. In most cases replacements are very inexpensive and if it’s your lucky day, some manufacturers will actually send them to you free of charge if you explain what happened!!!

I can’t stress enough to parents that when you are faced with having to clean your child’s car seat, please make sure that you read the manual! Each seat has different specifications and requirements when it comes to cleaning!